I am a Web Artist and Graphic Designer. I believe in simple and clean design. For the last several years I have been building up my skills in web design for any given occasion. I love doing what I do because it keeps me on my toes. Learning new and innovative skills and being able to display them for all to see is my greatest pleasure.

I'm dedicated, hungry, and ready for any challenge that comes my way. Graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Digital Media's Interactive Systems has given me the push that has opened many doors and with my life experience up to this point it's safe to say that I am open to all adventures.

My hobbies now a days are what many others like to call "work", but if I were to exclude all that and step away from the computer there are plenty of other things that make life so great. Like a competitive pickup game of basketball, traveling to a new and distant location, or just kicking back and watching a classic Scorsese film.

Currently I can be found loving every minute of working along side my Web Team while keeping the sharpest website in the NBA.



Chances are, you've come here searching for help standing out. Whether you are trying to become legit or you are already established and just need a translator that can speak to your target audience, either way you are in the right place. I believe that the most affective way to take your company to the next level is through creative design. My creativity and overall feel for visual design will assist you in your goals of being able to stand strong with and above your competitors.

My portfolio is a mixture of commercial ( brand identities | website designs, logos, etc. ) and personal art (wallpapers, vector graphics, etc. ). My years of experience have given me the opportunity to work with several high-end clientele like the NBA's Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns, University Of Central Florida and many others.

Feel free to view all the work that I am very proud to display for you.


"My experience working with Nick Ortiz Designs was great. From our initial meeting, Nick patiently listened to all of our needs, even the needs that were contradictory and confusing. After asking several insightful questions, Nick reassured us that he knew what we were going for. Nick was the consummate professional, leaving no stone unturned. Not even the smallest of details were left to chance. One of the biggest advantages with working with Nick is that there is never a lack of clear communication along with being a superb graphic designer and the results speak louder than words. I look forward to working with Nick again."

- Thomas Suh, Founder of Système D Entertainment.

"Nick Ortiz was my go-to person for my UCF Alumni projects. He is 100% dependable, on-time, professional, focused, thinks with a big-picture view and always gets his projects done without sacrificing quality. Nick is detail oriented and thorough. He is a self-starter so as a supervisor you won't have to do hand-holding. Nick is experienced on the right industry standard software tools for web design. He has been taught about leveraging social media as part of the overall web design process."

- Jeff Garner, Director of Communication/Web, UCF Alumni Association

"Nick was a real joy to have working with us in our office. He is very creative, flexible and highly adaptable. He quickly integrated himself within our organization and worked closely with various stakeholders on numerous projects. We have had interns that required considerable supervision and this often becomes a liability to us with our heavy workloads. Nick, however, showed that he is a true self-starter that required little or no guidance.

"Nick also has a learning spirit and frequently asked for materials to read and additional assignments to further his skills. He realizes that with increased knowledge and experience, he will become more valuable to an organization."

- David Gallucci, Web Designer, UCF Alumni Association


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